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XBox 360 Kinect On XBox One

$118.99 $129.99
XBox 360 Kinect On XBox One
XBox 360 Kinect On XBox One
$118.99 $129.99

Microsoft Xbox One Kinect Sensor Bar [Xbox One](Renewed)

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XBox 360 Kinect On XBox One is very nice product. I was a bit leery of buying a refurb unit, but this one worked very well right out of the box.

Now my child can use our Xbox to play Dance Party without a phone/app to track the motions. Not to mention the Kinect sensor can see up to 6 players at once, so if the corona-virus stuff ever blows over, my child can dance with friends.

I hadn’t used the Kinect prior to this purchase, and I was impressed at how sensitive the recognition is. Just quickly passing through the viewing area while others are playing will immediately capture a picture of your face.

Promised Review by John A
  • Put down the controller and play Xbox One games
  • Play games where you are the controller
  • Be recognized and signed-in automatically