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WWE Action Figures

WWE Action Figures
WWE Action Figures

WWE Epic Moments Undisputed Era Action Figure Pack

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The Undisputed Era three-pack is the first time any of the original Undisputed Era have had official WWE Action Figures and for Adam Cole and Bobby Fish, it’s a solid debut. Whether you are a collector or you buy wrestling figures to break them out of the box and have your own Wrestlemania at home, Mattel’s “Elite Collection” provides figures with enough mobility to pull off a superkick or a signature pose. The Elite figures have lateral movement in the legs and a joint at the belly (it lets them do a crunch kind of movement instead of just bending at the waist) that the basic figures don’t have. All three guys come with an Undisputed Era shirt that Velcros in the back (so you can take them of if you want, but it can be a fight to get them off and on). For some reason, Adam Cole has a removable armband, but O’Reilly’s is painted on, but it’s not a big deal, just an odd choice. The only real issue is a common issue with Mattel; the faces are very hit or miss. Mattel occasionally does actual 3D head scans to make the molds, but they clearly didn’t here. Adam Cole looks pretty great and Bobby Fish is fairly recognizable thanks to his facial hair. Poor Kyle, though, I’m not sure who’s the face he got, but that is not Kyle O’Reilly. If you showed anybody that head, separate from the body, no one would guess that it’s Kyle. The gear and tattoos are spots on, but the face is just wrong. It’s not as bad as some of the Diva’s have gotten, but it’s not good. Since the rest of the figure is clearly Kyle, it’s not a giant issue, but since the packaging is so great for display, I wish they’d put more effort into his face. As of this moment, these are the only WWE figures for Cole, Fish, & O’Reilly, so if you want them now, this is the only way. I’m sure Mattel has new figures for these guys in their plans, so hopefully our boy Kyle will get a new face. As a wrestling fan, I’m excited to display these guys on my shelf.

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  • Elite collection figures
  • Undisputed Era Action Figure Pack
  • Deluxe articulation
  • A trio of well-made figures
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