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Worx 20v Battery Charger

$58 $67
Worx 20v Battery Charger
Worx 20v Battery Charger
$58 $67

WORX WA3835 20V Powershare & 18V MaxLithium 25 min Quick Battery Charger

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Worx 20v Battery Charger is a very nice product. You can only recharge the batteries in 2 hours with the regular charger. Since you can easily run down a battery in 10 minutes running the leaf blower on full blast, you would need 12 batteries for continuous long jobs.

I am retired, so I can stop when the batteries run out and wait till they recharge. Not so, a professional landscaper. So the charger makes it possible to reuse your battery 25 minutes later, so 3 batteries is sufficient to keep going ad infinitum. The weed wacker lasts a whole lot longer on 1 battery, about 25 minutes, so you would need 4-5 batteries if using basic 2-hour recharger, but only 2 batteries suffice with the speedy recharger which is not cheap (on sale $50 which is the lowest price I found for it on Amazon). Each battery is about $50 if you buy WORX product and not some cheaper knockoff.

At first, I loved the easy-to-use lightweight wacker, but loathed the weak blower that ran out of juice in 10 minutes. But I have gotten used to the blower and run it at medium unless I really require a strong gust of air to move large piles of dry leaves. Don’t try using this product with damp or wet leaves, or you will be frustrated because it just doesn’t have the same ump ff as gas blowers, but also is not as noisy or greasy or messy. I thought about what would happen in a power outage, where gas powered would continue to work. Hein, I’ll just wait for the power to come back on. No yard work is THAT pressing.

Promised Review by davidissimo
  • Replacement quick charger for WA3520,
  • Long cord for ability to charge anywhere
  • Not for use with WA3578 or WA3671 batteries
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