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Wooden Nut Bowl With Tools

Wooden Nut Bowl With Tools
Wooden Nut Bowl With Tools

Pistachio Bowl with Shell Storage by Ethan & Owen Co.-Detachable Double Dish Pistachio Pedestal for Nuts, Peanut Bowl with Shell Storage, 2 Tier Pistachio Pedestal Dish - Nut Bowl With Shell Holder

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Wooden Nut Bowl With Tools is very nice product. NO IMAGE FILTERS! This bamboo pistachio bowl is absolutely gorgeous!! I love entertaining and creating a classy spread for my guests. This piece will fit right in! In the meantime, I’ve kept it filled with a variety of shelled nuts and most recently saw my husband center our dining room table with it during a business meeting.

No more shells around the table or floor 🙂 I just took off the top piece and dumped their discarded shells in the trash. So nice and SO easy to clean.

Perfect gift for my dad and the other nut-lovers in my family, who also appreciate kid safe and eco-friendly products. ♥️ Thank you! Thank you!

Promised Review by Matt
  • An Eco-Conscious Choice
  • That Organic Look
  • Made for a Variety of Snacks