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Wooden Desk Organizer With Drawers

Wooden Desk Organizer With Drawers
Wooden Desk Organizer With Drawers

Marbrasse Wooden Pen Organizer, Multi-Functional DIY Pen Holder Box, Desktop Stationary, Easy Assembly, Home Office Art Supplies Organizer Storage with Drawer (B11-Cherry Color)

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I bought Wooden Desk Organizer With Drawers to hold the colored pencils I’m using when I am working on a drawing. It came with 15 ‘wooden’ parts and 20 screws. It looked like it would be a hassle to assemble, but it wasn’t. You assemble the drawer first, which leaves you with 10 pieces.

After you assemble the first two of these pieces, it is very intuitive. Still, it did take about 15 minutes or so to put it together. The little screw driver they supply will work if you don’t have anything else, but a larger one will make assembly much easier.

The overall appearance is not great. Two screws show on the front of the drawer and four on each side of the unit. Also, there are slots where the pieces are connected together.

The ends that go into the slots are not finished, so that detracts from the appearance also. If you look closely at the picture, you can see the slots on both sides of the drawer as well as the screws. The overall appearance is okay, which is fine, as I’m more interested in the number of pencils and other items it can hold.

Eight Caran d’Ache Luminance pencils can sit on one row in each cubby. Nine Prismacolors can sit on one row in each cubby. I had 28 colored pencils arrive today for a drawing I will be starting, and they all slipped easily into one cubby.

The pencils were mostly Caran d’Ache Luminance or Pablo pencils, with a few FC Polychromos. With 9 slots, it can hold a lot of pencils. It will also work well for sorting pencils that I’m using on the drawing (e.g. eye pencils, flesh tone pencils, lip pencils, etc…). The drawer is cheap, but it is nice to hold various doodads such as erasers, pencil sharpeners, Exacto knife and blades.

The only real problem is that it is difficult to see the colors of the pencils when you have them pointed out, which I always do so I don’t break the pencil leads on my expensive pencils.

This may simply be because of my height. However, if I lean it back slightly, I can see the color easy enough.

As far as durability, it doesn’t wobble at all once put together. I think it will be fine if you don’t move it around a lot.

Over all this box fits my needs and has a pretty good price point.

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