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Wood Carving Set

Wood Carving Set
Wood Carving Set

MARKETTY Professional Wood Carving Chisel Set - 12 Piece Sharp Woodworking Tools w/ Carrying Case - Great for Beginners

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Wood Carving Set is a good one. I have a dear friend that has been in to wood working for many years, and seeing their creations over time gave me a good bit of inspiration to try it for myself.

The friend builds beds and creates cool customized items for gift giving. I took a little time to review a number of DIY tutorials online that discuss in detail the difference between the chisels, and which job they each tend to handle well.

In the process I also watched a number of videos about chiseling techniques and the good and bad habits to note so that when starting out, one can start out in the most efficient way possible. There were a number of wood carving projects demonstrated from start to finish online that really caught my attention which is why I was very appreciative for the opportunity to try this 12 piece chisel set at a reduced price for my sincere opinion.

Out of the box they arrived with the business end of the chisels each covered in plastic and they all come settled in a pocketed case containing metal holes at the top.

The holes give the case the added option of being hung near the work station. After removing the plastic from each chisel, and placing them back in the case, they actually dug into the pocket which will eventually lead to damaging the case.

To remedy this, I simply took the pieces of plastic that covered each chisel, and placed one in the bottom of every pocket and this has worked like a charm. That being said, I did not feel that the case pockets subtracted at all from the overall value and usefulness of this set. Being a newcomer to wood carving,

I do wish that the chisels came with the sizes on each one, but they did not which made those videos a little less obvious though not impossible in the least to follow. I don’t think not having sizes on each one would be much of an issue for the seasoned pro.

When piddling around with a wood plank, the tools felt like a good weight in my hand that wouldn’t crumble under the use of a mallet when needed. This set is cost effective, feel well made, and seem that keeping them sharp should allow for long time of use.

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