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Wood Bead Flush Mount Light

Wood Bead Flush Mount Light
Wood Bead Flush Mount Light

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Beauty and style are very subjective at Wood Bead Flush Mount Light. I personally really like this chandelier. My husband, on the other hand, thinks it’s ugly. With that being said, if you like the style and look of it, it is well made and very easy to install. It took him less than 20 minutes to get the fixture out of the box and installed (although he is experienced at such things due to the multiple rental properties we own. Personally, I really, really like this. It’s SO much better than the ugly flat ceiling fixture that had been above the door we put this by. This has a much more elegant look, even if others in the house say the look is dated. Make sure you pay careful attention to the style and design and realize the beads are wood and not crystal or glass. While some will like this, others won’t. I personally do. I have attached a picture of how it looks above the entryway we installed it. It gives off a nice soft light. Not too bright but not so dim that it’s useless. Highly recommend it if you are looking for this style of the light fixture.

Promised Review By Phoenix
  • Give your house the beautiful and charming look of a farmhouse with wood bead chandelier
  • A rim of candlestick lights is accented by strings of wooden beads instead of the usual crystal, for a modern farmhouse surprise
  • 20″W x 20″D x 24″H, Hanging Length: 1.5″ – 60″
  • Bulbs are the part of the package making it ecnomical
  • Low consumption saving your money in terms of electricity bills
  • Intended for indoor use only