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Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Logitech

Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Logitech
Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Logitech

Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo — Keyboard and Mouse Included, 2.4GHz Dropout-Free Connection, Long Battery Life, Mouse and Keyboard, Standard Packaging

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I’m very picky about my Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Logitech. I don’t have the money to spend on high-end mechanical keyboards with cherry Reds or anything like that. My favorite keyboard was built in the 80s, and I haven’t found another one like it since.

in the past 20 years I have used no less than 50 keyboards. Some I have really liked, some I really hated, and some were an absolute garbage waste of money.

This keyboard, even though it is membrane, definitely lives up to the claim that it feels mechanical. Don’t get me wrong, you know that you are using a membrane keyboard. You can feel the rubber plungers. However, it’s forgivable.

It has a distinctive click that you often only find with mechanical switches, and the return response to match.

The drain holes in this keyboard give you a little more confidence as well, since even though everybody claims they don’t eat over there keyboard, those people are all lying. This device would survive the dishwasher, and that is very important for a home use keyboard.

I didn’t give the ratings based on the mouse however. Don’t get me wrong, the mouse is good. It has just the right resistance for clicking, with that distinctive, yet soft Logitech sound we all like. I only wish it was a larger mouse. It is a small model though. I would estimate it to be three quarters of an inch shorter than a standard mouse. Still though, it works, it works well, and using on a wooden desk does not require a mouse pad.

Now, if you’re getting this for gaming, keep in mind that you’re not getting a gaming setup. It is great for gaming, but it’s not going to compete with devices that have extreme low latency, or multiple programmable switches.

For the money that I paid for this, I got a lot better quality than I expected

Promised Review by Blair
  • Work for longer with long battery life
  • Keyboard and mouse combo
  • Easy storage:
  • Drop out connectivity
  • Programmable hotkeys to boost productivity
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