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Wireless Gaming Headset PS4

$59.49 $69.99
Wireless Gaming Headset PS4
Wireless Gaming Headset PS4
$59.49 $69.99

Mpow Air I Wireless Gaming Headset - PS4 Headset with Double Chamber Drivers, Detachable Noise Cancelling Microphone, Memory Foam Gaming Headphones

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Wireless Gaming Headset PS4 great: I have owned a few MPOW products and am always impressed at how they are able to pack a lot of features in decent products at highly competitive price-points. This headset is no different. If you are a gamer and serious about gear, you will recognize that this headset looks like a knockoff of one of the more popular gaming headsets of the last decade – the HyperX Cloud series. I have been happily using the Cloud (original) headset for about 5 years now, so the best way I can describe this headset is in relation to that one.

Build: This headset is extremely similar to the HyperX in form and build quality. The earcups are shaped more like the Alpha’s. The earcup and headband cushion is slightly more plush that the Clouds, although that might be due to wear on my set. However, the foam density is lower and the clamping strength stronger than the Clouds, making these less comfortable for longer gaming sessions.

The two most noticeable differences out of the box: 1. The microphone boom arm is much cheaper. You will have to be careful with this. 2. The brackets that hold the earcups are actually much better. The metal is thicker and the brackets that hold the joints together seem to be better constructed. This is really good because this joint was a common fail point for me on the Clouds.

Sound: When I first used the wireless adapter, I felt that the sound was just okay and a little gamer-like with mediocre mids and booming bass. It’s not bad, but noticeable not as good as the Clouds plugged into my motherboards sound ports. So, I tried to plug the headset in to see what it sounded like on equal footing.

It is every bit as good as the Clouds. I’m really happy with it. I will probably use the wireless mode despite the lower sound quality because part of the reason I got these was to get rid of cords. My hope is that MPOW steps up and creates a beefy sound suite for these things that provides us an EQ. Downloading Equalizer APO allowed me to set equalizer settings in wireless mode. Once I was able to get an equalizer and some other audio setting in the wireless mode, these sound amazing in wireless as well. This means that MPOW didn’t skimp with onboard amp/power.

Thoroughly impressed with their ability to put out high-quality products, focusing on features where they really count, and bringing them to market at extremely competitive prices. Now that I got the levels set, the only difference between this and my Clouds is that these are open back and the Clouds are closed. The drivers sound virtually identical. While open-back headphones tend to give a better sound stage, I prefer to have the noise isolation of closed-back headphones due to my loud family members. Not a deal-breaker but be aware.

Mic quality: So, despite the boom arm being noticeably cheaper than the HyperX’s, the sound quality of the mic, IMO, was better. The sound was not quite so tinny and my voice was nice and clear. Big win there.

Battery life is long enough to last an entire day of active use. Be sure to plug it in at night though. Two full days is a stretch. While there may be some internal power-saving going on when not in use, I have noticed the power light stays on even if I walk away for an hour, so that internal 5 minute shut off they talk about isn’t really powering everything down. It is best to just shut them off manually.

Probably my main gripe is that they didn’t ship with an audio cord splitter. The included cord (which is a good length) is a 3-pole connector like a cell phone. Given that this is marketed for gaming and most motherboards have the stereo and mic separate, this really should’ve been in the box.Overall, I feel this is an amazing value. The only thing that would make me regret this purchase is their longevity. Time will tell. In terms of the audio experience, I feel I have lost nothing in the transition, gained freedom of movement, and saved a bundle. Highly recommended.

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  • Good Build Quality
  • Sound great as long as you are using something like Equalizer APO or Viper4Windows
  • Mic Quality
  • Crafted for long-lasting comfort
  • Not quite as comfortable as I want them to be for longer gaming sessions
  • No cord splitter in the box.
  • No software to make adjustments in wireless
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