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Wireless Charger Anker

Wireless Charger Anker
Wireless Charger Anker

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Anker’s back at it again with another great product Wireless Charger Anker. This new charger of theirs is a little bit on the bigger size- even bigger in diameter than my Samsung Qi charger. The bottom and top of the charging pad don a rubberized texture that firmly keeps the unit from sliding around, and your phone from sliding off the pad. It’s the perfect size in my honest opinion- it’s not comically big, but it is also not small enough to give you trouble when placing your phone and trying to find the charge point.

Promised Review by Alex
  • Use the latest and most effective technology
  • Quick and healthy charge with battery preservation
  • Change the way you charge and be more comfortable
  • Different power modes therefore compatible with many brands
  • LED indicator
  • PowerWave pad and 4 ft Micro USB cable
  • 18 month warranty and support