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Windshield Wipers For My Car

Windshield Wipers For My Car
Windshield Wipers For My Car

Caterpillar Clarity Premium Performance All Season Replacement Windshield Wiper Blades for Car Truck Van SUV (20 Inches (1 Piece)), black

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Windshield Wipers For My Car is v ery nice product. Finally I have windshield wipers that work! Been living years with horrid wipers (rainex) and came across this and WOW! Finally I can see in the rain!

I will say that they were hard to get on. They wouldn’t click and I was for sure I had the wrong size. I broke the piece in the middle off trying to pull it until it clicked and wasn’t coming off when I pulled the other way. The piece that broke off snapped back in so it was still usable. And I finally got it to click on both sides and feels tight as it won’t move the other way like it was before it clicked but was pulling so hard that I was bending the metal hook thing. I won’t fault the wipers for that as the old ones was just as hard, if not harder, to get off.

I think it’s the hook on the car as it’s super rusty. Also was my first time changing my own wipers. Hopefully the piece I clicked back in stays and I don’t have wipers on the side of the road during a rain storm. That’d be very dangerous. And if that happens I will lower my review as I feel it shouldn’t be so easy to pop out that middle piece.

The cap things don’t fit on so I image that is for one of the other connection types. So, I just hope they stay on. But I threw some water onto my windshield and it was glorious to see how well they performed so I forgive you for making a middle piece that pops off so easy. Unless they come off while driving in the middle of a storm of course!

Promised Review by Bambi Sloan
  • Caterpillar Clarity Replacement Wiper Blades – Keep Your Windshield Spotless and Streak-Free
  • Silent Replacement Wiper Blades – Engineered to Maintain Maximum Surface Contact on Every Wipe – Better than OEM Quality
  • Aerodynamic Curved Beam Blade Design – Repels Dirt, Dust, and Other Debris
  • Designed to Last Through All Weather Types – Rain, Snow, Wind, and Hail – Tested for Over 1 Million Wipes