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Windshield HUD

Windshield HUD
Windshield HUD

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I have installed the Windshield HUD in my car, works great, has everything needed to get it up and going, unlike of items that require an additional cable or connectors. This one has it all. To stop from seeing the image of the HUD unit sitting on my dash I took a black slick type of paper, taped it to the bottom of the unit facing me, bent the side up to hide it from my view, the paper was cut about 5″ long and 2-1/2″ wide, now when driving down the road I only see the reflection on the front where it is suppose to be, easy enough to fix, but it could be added to the box without more than a few pennies cost.
Love it and would recommend it to anyone wanting to display the speed, engine rpm, fuel or water temp.

Promised Review By Don Letterman
  • Display rich contents about everything you need
  • Reminds you of overspending
  • Guide about gearing up or down for efficient fueling
  • Manual brightness adjustment mode to work great in both day and night
  • Large enough screen to have a clear picture
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