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Wilson Evolution Basketball

Wilson Evolution Basketball
Wilson Evolution Basketball

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These are hands down the best game Wilson Evolution Basketball you can buy. I’ve been playing and coaching basketball for at least 30 years and I LOVE Wilson Evolution. I’ve had Spading TF-1000s (these used to be the best), Baden’s, Nike, and Wilson Evolution. The TF-1000s were amazing when they first came out in the ’90s, but the ones they make now just don’t feel as good as the original TF-1000s. Baden basketballs feel nice, but out of the dozen or so that we purchased for our program, probably 33% of them didn’t hold air after just one season. Baden’s also seem to become lopsided quite easily. Nike game balls feel nice but are just too expensive. They also don’t feel quite as good as the Evolution.

Evolution strikes the right balance between grip and soft feel. They are durable (last for many, many seasons) and can be found for reasonable prices. After having tried all the major brands, we’re sticking with the Wilson Evolution.

Promised Review By Wesley J.Hung
  • Exclusive black edition for all black color fans
  • The Wilson is the #1 basketball maker in America and the name is guarantee of the quality
  • Made of Cushion Core Carcass therefore making the ball softer and providing gentle touch
  • The grip is world class and the durability that last longer than you think