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Wild Republic Huggers

Wild Republic Huggers
Wild Republic Huggers

Wild Republic Huggers Wolf Plush Toy, Slap Bracelet, Stuffed Animal, Kids Toys (19556), 5"

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Wild Republic Huggers is very nice product. I love my little fox. He grips most things really easily. He’s perfect for wearing around my wrist to ease my anxiety but can also be found riding on different parts of my wheelchair, hanging out on the headstock of my ukulele or guitar while I play or climbing my bed post at night. He needed a quick comb through his fur when he first arrived to fluff him up after his travels. Since then, he has been on many adventures with me and always comes home safe and sound thanks to his ability to grip onto me or my backpack strap.

Critters like this are ideal for anyone, adult or child, who wants to take a friend along with them but worries about them getting lost. They can grip almost anything wrist sized or smaller and with a bit of imagination there is always a safe yet accessible place to store and carry them. They are also particularly cute when found in unexpected places.

Promise Review by Lucy Wood
  • Adorable Wolf stuffed animl
  • Wearable slap bracelets and stuffed animals All in one
  • Christmas stocking this holiday
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