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Wifi Water Sensor

Wifi Water Sensor
Wifi Water Sensor

Govee WiFi Water Sensor, Smart App Leak and Drip Alert, Wireless Water Alarm with Email, Loud Alarm and App Alerts - Easy to Install Remote Waterproof Leak Sensor for Home, Basement - 3 Pack

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Wifi Water Sensor is the best product. First off, this is not the kind of product that you’d typically think of buying until you actually run into a nightmare scenario, just like I did.

I rent a two-bedroom apartment with 2 bathrooms in a relatively old building. I’m a bit of a hygiene freak so I installed a couple of hand shower bidets on both toilets when we moved in.

They worked well and I was a happy camper until that fateful night in February this year. It was a date night so we left our kids at their grandparents’ place and went to watch a movie, followed by dinner.

We came back around 10 pm and I heard a faint splash when I stepped into the foyer. It struck me as a bit odd but I thought maybe one of the kids had spilled something on the floor. I took a couple of more steps and turned on the light. You can probably guess what happened next.

The entire hallway and one of the bedrooms was filled with water. I immediately ran toward the bathroom and found that the valve connecting the water supply to the bidet had come off and water was coming out like there is no tomorrow.

I quickly turned off the main valve from the wall but the damage had been done. To cut the story short, we had to replace almost all of the furniture and carpet in the hallway, although our renter’s insurance paid for it.

Ever since then, I was on the lookout for something that could provide some sort of an alarm when a water leak occurs.

found this water leak detector on sale on Amazon and decided to give it a try. Although I hope I never actually have to test it, it seems to work great so far.

It comes with 3 wireless sensors that connect to a gateway which can be connected to home wifi to provide alerts through an app as well as email. I’ve placed two sensors in each of the bathrooms near the toilet and the third one in the laundry room.

The good thing about this is that in addition to providing email/app alerts, all three sensors have audible alarms as well that work even without the gateway in case you’re out of the 100m range. Another interesting feature that I noted was that the sensors have contacts on both sides, one to detect splashes drips and the other to detect ground level leaks.

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