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Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly

Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly
Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly

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Great name brand Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly. I had both rear hub bearings fail within a year on my 2014 malibu. It’s not the bearings fault, its GM’s fault for designing the bearing to sit out in the open. I’ve replaced my rear bearings 4 times so far using name brands. GM sells a metal dust cover to protect the backside of the bearing. If you have a 2013-16 malibu, these are required.

Great part, pain in the but to replace. Be sure to use a LOT of anti-Seize when you install the part.

Also, you will need to either press the old one out or cut it out with an acetylene torch because the aluminum of the knuckle will fuse to the steel of the part.

Promise Review By Wayne T. Anderson
  • Innovative roll form design ensures optimal preload.
  • Wheel studs feature a protective coating that helps prevent rust
  • Precision Matched Components
  • Engineered to overcome problems and deliver smooth & reliable performance
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