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Welly Face Saver

Welly Face Saver
Welly Face Saver

Welly Bandages - Face Savers, Hydrocolloid, Adhesive, Small Spot Shape, Clear - 36 ct

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Welly Face Saver is very nice product. I don’t leave reviews. I just don’t. I suffer with horrible cystic acne. The kind that is huge for days and refuses to come to a head. I saw a girl using the bandages on TikTok. It wasn’t this brand though. I thought I have to try this. Worst thing is it doesn’t work and I’m stuck with more crap in my cabinet. I had a big one right above my eye.

Been there for about a week. I cleaned it with alcohol and put the bandage on it. Woke up this morning and y’all it is gone!!!!!! Like what is the black magic is going on?!? Oh and you can actually see the zit in the bandage! Like it absorbs it or something!! I’m still rubbing that spot is awe ! So Input these things on a subscription. I also have a teenager and a preteen —perfect because we all know they love to pop and pick at acne. This doesn’t give them the chance! Lol

Promised Review by Tiffany
  • These transparent, hydrocolloid bandages are designed for discrete face coverage.
  • This pack of hydrocolloid spot bandages is made for when you want to keep your cuts, blemishes, and scrapes to yourself.
  • Hydrocolloid Face Saver bandages support a moist healing environment while keeping out dirt and germs.
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