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Welded Rocket Stove Plans

Welded Rocket Stove Plans
Welded Rocket Stove Plans

TOMSHOO Camping Rocket Stove Collapsible Wood Burning Stainless Steel Backpacking Camp Tent Stove,Tent Heater

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Welded Rocket Stove Plans is very nice product.  I got this to go as part of the emergency supplies that i pack in my hiking kit just in case. Because it doesn’t require me to bring anything other than fire starting supplies (wood wool and a plasma lighter) it is a great addition to my kit. It does come in a carry bag that is mesh and i did have the stove get caught on it.

It would be nice if there were no 90 degree corners but there are. The instructions to setup the stove were very clear but the print was small. I have included a few photos that will help to augment the instructions. The fire started easily with a little scrap lumber i had laying around for my test. It boiled a small pot of room temperature water in less than 5 minutes.

Ideally you would point the opening toward any breeze or wind to fan the flame. The day i tried this the wind was swirling so it didn’t really help that much. Once you are done and dump the ashes the stove cools very quickly and is ready to be stowed in its storage bag (probably with a plastic bag to keep any soot from transferring to the storage bag.

My only real complaint with this stove is the pot supports that crisscross from one corner to another. It would be helpful if there were slight slots in each of the corners for the supports to fit. I had one instance where they came out.

Promised Review by J.O
  • Sturdy stainless steel construction for extreme durability.
  • Cross stand creates a stable platform for your pot.
  • Converts from box easily and quickly