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Weight Scale For Babies

$54.98 $62.98
Weight Scale For Babies
Weight Scale For Babies
$54.98 $62.98

Baby Scale, Multi-Function Toddler Scale, Baby Scale Digital, Pet Scale, Infant Scale with Hold Function, Blue Backlight, Weight(Max: 220 Pound) and Height Track (Max: 24inch)

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I ordered this Weight Scale For Babies and am very pleased with the product. I have been weighing my baby on a kitchen scale (!) since her birth and ordered a scale when she has grown over 11lb limit of the kitchen scale. Here is how I concluded that the Mommed baby scale is accurate:

1/ I have established that my kitchen scale is accurate because I would weigh my baby right before she goes to the pediatrician, and my kitchen scale has the same reading as the pediatrician’s scale consistently (3 separate times)

2/ I weighed various random objects on both my kitchen scale and Mommed baby scale and they had almost exactly the same readings (except that my kitchen scale measure in 0.1oz increments and Maymom baby scale is in 0.5oz increments)

3/ I weighed my baby before she ate, then gave her a 2oz bottle (so I know exactly how much milk is in there). Once she finished the bottle, I weighed her again and she gained 2oz.

Other notes:

A/ Given the baby scale is in 0.5 oz increments, this is not as accurate as those scales at the lactation consultants to measure how much milk baby takes at the breast, but it’s still a good indication and I’m happy with it for the price.

B/The tray is removable which makes the scale versatile and everyone in the family can use it. The tray also has a ruler which I found thoughtful as I can measure my baby’s height.

C/ The scale measures in kg/lb/oz. My only suggestion is show the weight in both lb and oz at the same time. For example, the current display would be either 10.7 lbs or 170.5 oz (1 decimal place), so to get to recording it in growth tracking apps (I use baby center), it would take some simple math to convert it to 10 lbs 10.5 oz. Not a big deal but just an extra step.

Conclusion: I highly recommend this baby scale for the peace of mind to track your baby’s growth between well visits!

P.S. The excellent customer service I received was worth mentioning. There was a somewhat large gap when I put the tray together and I asked Mommed if that’s normal, they responded AND sent me another scale within 24 hours of my inquiry. Customer service can’t get better than that!

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  • Multiple Uses
  • Large LCD Display
  • Safe and Comfortable Baby Tray
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