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Weight Lifting Grips

Weight Lifting Grips
Weight Lifting Grips

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Tried the Weight Lifting Grips for the first time today. I prefer lifting grips over gloves. I also own and have used Versa Gripps and Nayoya. Out of the three I think the Harbinger’s are the best for the price. They provide a good grip and are fairly comfortable and seem to be the most rugged of the three.

Due to the fact that I wear my straps/grips during my entire workout it’s important that they do not get in the way when I spray and wipe down the equipment when I’m down with it.

All three of the strap/grips I have mentioned can easily be worn while wiping down equipment. The following is how I would compare all three.

Versa Gripps – best grip, most comfortable, least durable (seams have let loose several times requiring sewing), $54

Harbinger – 2nd best grip, as comfortable as the Nayoya’s, $28

Nayoya – least amount of grip,OK comfort, best price, $19

I wanted to add I bought the medium/large size. My wrists measure 7″ in circumference and when secured snug I have a little over 1″ of Velcro left so I consider the fit to be perfect

Promised Review By rlachermeier
  • Lifting Strap lays flat as palm protection
  • Transferring the load in a leather hook style lifting strap
  • Harbinger Spider Grip Durahide leather
  • Notec pad cushions wrist
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