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Wearable Personal Safety Devices

Wearable Personal Safety Devices
Wearable Personal Safety Devices

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Wearable Personal Safety Devices !! I’m in PA school and leave the classroom and hospital at all hours of the night/morning. My walk across the parking lot, although you’d think is a safe place, really doesn’t give me that safe feeling. I use this to walk to my car EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. I click the button as I’m walking out the door, they call and stay on the phone with me until I get to my car. Just knowing that I am in contact with someone at all times makes me feel at ease. The team is really nice and I think we’re evening starting to become friends they call so often and know who I am lol.

Promised Review By Brooke
  • Never panic: with Pro monitoring engaged
  • By purchasing, you’ll receive a ripple Bluetooth device
  • Perfect Medical Alert Device
  • Ripple also sends alerts to friends & family
  • Ripple is water resistant
  • 24/7 Support, Unbeatable Price
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