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Wearable Oxygen Monitor

Wearable Oxygen Monitor
Wearable Oxygen Monitor

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I purchased Wearable Oxygen Monitor two weeks ago and I have been using it nightly ever since. I was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea so I wanted to track changes in my sleep patterns and results as I made lifestyle changes (losing weight, reducing alcohol intake, etc.). In short, this device has been great. Each morning I get a graph that shows changes in oxygen levels in my blood, lowest O2 levels, average heart rate, motion, etc.. I can save the graphs and easily compare one night’s results against another. I highly recommend this device…and by the way, I see no problem with it’s construction. You can wear it on any finger where it fits best. Also, I compared it’s readings against other devices and it seems to be spot on. I don’t normally write reviews (lazy) but I’m really impressed.

Promised Review By FRANK CASAZZA
  • Soft Finger Ring Sensor never slips off from your finger
  • Continuous Monitoring for Oxygen level & Heart Rate
  • Smart Vibration Alarm for Low Blood Oxygen Level
  • Free APP for Android and iOS
  • LOOKEE Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor
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