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Wax Seal Stamp Kit

$8 $13
Wax Seal Stamp Kit
Wax Seal Stamp Kit
$8 $13

MNYR Vintage Santa Claus Northpole Official Seal Wax Seal Sealing Stamp Embellishment Wedding Invitation Card Snail Mail Gift Wrapping Wine Package Great Christmas Gift Idea Wax Seal Stamp Set

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Wax Seal Stamp Kit is very nice product. Got this because I do letters from Santa to my kids in elementary. They still believe Santa. I do cursive writing which I tell kids I don’t understand/can’t read so that they help me reading if they receive letter from Santa and tooth fairy.

This stamps let kids feel confident/confirm that Santa really exists. Those Santa letter with this stamp have been treasures for my kids. If you wanna do something special to your kids, get this. ( Just don’t forget to store somewhere kids don’t find.

I’m gonna pass this out to my kids when they become parents.)

Promised Review by chocola
  • Great for embellishment of envelopes
  • Santa Claus Nothpole Official Seal
  • Copper Head & rosewood handle
  • It’s great to stamp the old-fashioned design on your wedding invitations or gift
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