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Waterproof Coating For Stickers

Waterproof Coating For Stickers
Waterproof Coating For Stickers

20 Sheets Holographic Sticker Paper A4 Size ( 8.25" x 11.7") Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper Rainbow Vinyl Sticker Paper Dries Quickly For Inkjet/Laser Printer

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Waterproof Coating For Stickers vinyl is great; we’ve made some awesome stickers and have gotten more customer’s because of the results… it’s worth the wait for shipping

I also have to mention the customer service is amazing. Once our package was damaged and several layers of the vinyl were cut… when I reported it to them they responded right away. they discovered customs had inspected it and were not careful. Customer service said next time they’ll do more to protect the vinyl and offered compensation for the vinyl we lost…i mean it wasn’t their fault yet they took responsibility for not making it “customs mistake proof” lol.

The quality of the product coupled with their customer service solidified our loyalty. Again, it is worth the wait… stock up!

Promised Review by Areana S
  • 20 Sheets Holographic A4 Size ( 8.25″ x 11.7″)
  • Film Dimensions: A4 Size (210x297mm).
  • Thickness: 80μm.
  • Many Uses: Great for photos, scrapbooks, posters, and other DIY projects