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Water Mat For Babies

Water Mat For Babies
Water Mat For Babies

MAGIFIRE Tummy Time Baby Water Mat Infant Toy Inflatable Play Mat for 3 6 9 Months Newborn Boy Girl

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Water Mat For Babies are so good. I was undecided as to what water mat to get because there were so many. I ended up choosing this one due to the adorable scene and “floaties” it has. I also though that it was a perfect size for my 3 month old.

When I received the item it came in a little box and the inside part gets filled with water (not hot). You don’t want to add too much, and I made sure the large air bubbles were out.

This made it easier for the floaties to move around. The outside border has to be manually blown up which didn’t take long at all. When it was yummy time, my baby immediately fell in love with it… Cooing and smiling… Staring and trying to get the floaties. I’ve never seen her lift her head up higher.

She had an easier time doing it because of the extra support that the inflatable border provided. Once she’s past the tummy time stage, she’ll still be able to use it as she’s sitting up. She absolutely loves this and I’m very happy with my purchase

Promised Review By Ashley
  • Promotes strong neck and head muscles
  • Stimulates bowel movement
  • Helps in visual system
  • Promotes overall health development
  • Develops vision
  • Fine motor and social skills
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