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Watches For Kids

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Watches For Kids
Watches For Kids
$45.99 $59.99

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So I’m sure you’ve heard of or about “The Watches For Kids” so the potty watch is basically a watch you put on your potty training child and it acts as a timer to notify them when they should go try to use the potty so that they’ll get used to going on their own. So I was scrolling on Amazon preparing to make my purchase, because Aliyah is so some timey with the potty, when I saw the VTech DX2, which is basically a smart watch for kids $15 difference. So I figured hey, I might as well get the smart watch so she can do more with it. So, excited about my purchase I was itching for it to get here only to realize that I can’t set multiple alarms on it, like the potty watch. I was irked, I can’t lie but once I got to play with it, I realized I not only had an alarm, it also had a timer. The timer works great in place of the potty watch. U can set the timer and send your kid to continue doing what kids do. They can even close the timer, and play games or take pics (Aliyah’s favorite part) on the watch, while the timer continues to count down. Overall I’m still extremely happy with my purchase and Aliyah loves her watch. ??❤️

Promised Review By Antonesha Coleman
  • Features Two cameras allow
  • Helps kids learn
  • Using the included Micro-USB cable
  • customizable clock faces
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