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Warm Sleeping House for Rat

Warm Sleeping House for Rat
Warm Sleeping House for Rat

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So I purchased Warm Sleeping House for Rat because I like to spoil my Syrian, I placed it in her den and now she lives in there. I bought it during winter because I figured she’d want something warmer than her bedding and I was right. She doesn’t stash lots of bedding in her den pod anymore, save for closing off the airflow holes. She also is a little force of destruction but didn’t have any desire to chew it up! I would definitely recommend washing it when cleaning the cage, otherwise your hammy could start smelling like an old cheese puff.

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  • Give your pet a comfortable house
  • This is the perfect home
  • Tough from outside and soft from inside
  • Warm and soft from inside
  • Beautifully design and color
  • Two hanging hooks
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