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VR Gaming Headset

VR Gaming Headset
VR Gaming Headset

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It was waiting patiently for a VR Gaming Headset worth owning and Rift S was the first one that checked all the boxes for me:

– Easy setup without base stations.

– Higher-res than first-generation VR.

– Reduced screen-door effect.

– Reasonable price.

I’ve played it only for a couple of hours and I can report it delivers exactly as promised. Tracking is great, comfort is good, everything just works. I was even surprised that it works well for me with my 71.5 IPD. I was able to fit my wine glasses in it too and the image quality was great. Using glasses reduces the field of view a bit, that’s why I’m ordering prescription lenses for it.

Overall it’s a great product – if you are in the same place as me waiting for the perfect time to get into the VR stuff, the time is now and this is your perfect first VR headset.

Promised Review by John Smith
  • Top games already in the headset
  • Lets you play free 100 of top games
  • Touch the reality with the gameplay
  • Clear, vivid and accurate colors with next generation lens and technology
  • Ergonomically design to fit the head comfortably
  • Touch control to give a more realistic approach of the game
  • Oculus Insight Tracking