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Vintage Wedding Rings

Vintage Wedding Rings
Vintage Wedding Rings

Newshe Women Wedding Engagement Ring Set 925 Sterling Silver Vintage Princess White AAA Cz Size 5-10

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Just a beautiful Vintage Wedding Rings set. What is it with some people? This is a real ring. Sterling Silver, when worn all the time, stays untarnished and DOES NOT turn your finger green and DOES NOT turn colors unless it’s just plain metal with silver plating.

The plating eventually wears away and makes the ring turn tarnished looking.

This ring is solid Sterling Silver, has real cubic zirconia stones, therefore it IS real! Of course it’s not white gold or platinum, and it doesn’t have “diamonds”, but that doesn’t make it less “real” ! I was wearing another Sterling Silver, cubic zirconia ring from Walmart which I have had for 6 years, I also have my original 14k yellow gold and diamond wedding ring, but I wear all silver jewelry, so sterling, cubic zirconia is just fine for me.

What led me to purchase this ring, is the main stone in my silver wedding ring fell out, I found the stone, so I’ll get it fixed, but my husband said he’d buy me a new ring. This is what we picked out. It’s really beautiful! Sparkles like crazy in the light and the setting is gorgeous! Of course, I just got it yesterday, no stones have fallen out (shhh.. don’t jinx it!) the ring was in the package, so no one stole it, and the vintage look is really beautiful! I love this ring,

I read all the reviews on it before I ordered it and I’m really happy with it. The main stone is bigger than I thought it was going to be, but that’s a good thing. It fits my finger well, doesn’t turn around on my finger and it’s exactly what I’ve been wanting. I’m the type of person who never takes her wedding ring off except to clean it, but I’m going to be careful and probably take them off to do dishes and shower, anything to keep any stones from falling out.

It is perfect for replacing more expensive wedding rings for vacations and such, perfect for temporary wear, and just as perfect for everyday, and continuous wear. I plan to wear mine all the time, after all it is a wedding ring set, it’s too beautiful to only wear once in a while. I would definitely recommend this to friends, and I will definitely order it again if need be. I love it! It’s perfect! And, it’s REAL!

Update: Lost a stone in the wedding band ?, but I still love the ring!

Promised Review By Dana
  • Cubic zirconia bridal engagement wedding ring set for women
  • Features a sterling silver engagement ring with one 0.8 carats prong
  • The stones really catch the light and are very sparkly
  • Top-quality stones display amazing enriched clarity
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