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Vintage Egg Skelter

Vintage Egg Skelter
Vintage Egg Skelter

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We love Vintage Egg Skelter! it is an easy solution for knowing which eggs to use first. yeah, the eggs don’t roll down smoothly. umm…they’re egg shaped! and i wouldn’t want them to, since sometimes they do roll and crash into each other and break. umm…they’re eggs!

we had a different one with a much larger footprint and a lower grade ramp. it was fine, but it didn’t hold the big double yolkers and it took up quite a bit of room on the counter. (a fairy egg did fall through the gap and cracked…) we have had this one for awhile now and are not looking for an alternative.

Promised Review By mary and adam
  • Egg dispenser rack that can store up to 24 eggs
  • Made of steel therefore durable and solid
  • Beautiful Spiraling design dispenser
  • Overall Dimensions – 7. 50″ X 7. 50″ X 10. 63” – Silver color