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USA Map Puzzle

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USA Map Puzzle
USA Map Puzzle
$9.12 $10.00

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My two and a half year old daughter is into USA Map Puzzle now so I decided to toss in a little geography while we were at it by getting this for her to do.

Each puzzle piece within the lower 48 portion of the picture is shaped like the individual states, save for some of the small ones in the Northeast, which are bunched together.

I regularly do this with her and now she knows where most of the states are along with their shapes and this is her favorite puzzle to do because of the added challenge.

Aunts, uncles and grandparents are all wowed by how well she can do this puzzle and identify the states’ locations (sometimes better than they can), and it’s fundamentally the same skills as just doing a regular jigsaw. Amazing teaching product that is fun for the kids.

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  • the perfect way to teach kids about geography
  • the puzzle includes state-shaped puzzle
  • fun facts about each state
  • toys & Works of Ahhh craft kits
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