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Unbleached Parchment Paper

$3.49 - $70.65
Unbleached Parchment Paper
Unbleached Parchment Paper
$3.49 - $70.65

Reynolds Kitchens Unbleached Parchment Paper, 45 Square Feet

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Unbleached Parchment Paper product itself is fine but it was shipped in a padded envelope where it only just fitted diagonally. This caused it to arrive slightly squashed. The paper itself is fine but because the ‘blade’ (the sharp bit of the box) has been bent it doesn’t tear very well. If you look towards the end of my unboxing video you can see the effect.

Promised Review By Chris
  • A responsibly-sourced, totally chlorine free, non-stick parchment
  • Paper made with 75% unbleached fiber
  • It is compostable in commercial composting facilities
  • Foods slide right off and lining your sheet pan means clean up is a breeze
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