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Truck Tire Chains

Truck Tire Chains
Truck Tire Chains

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I have used a variety of brands of Truck Tire Chains on various pickups and other vehicles. These are the best I’ve found so far. They are significantly heavier than other brands I’ve purchased. They are easy to put on tightly and after one season, haven’t caused me any problems, haven’t broken, etc. I use them for several miles on a very rutted, rocky non-maintained dirt road and field, through deep snow, including very icy snow and slushy snow in low gear and low 4WD at times–which is, I know from experience, hard on chains. I highly recommend these, at least for 275/65/R18 pickup tires. Also not everyone may need v-bar chains like these are. V-bars work great on ice, however. Note–ensure you also get the blue (not yellow) spider bungies to hold them on tightly. They’re available on Amazon but also at various auto parts stores, tire stores, etc.–shop around for price (on the spider bungies as well as these chains) as it varies significantly. Please go to the Peerless site and enter your tire size to find an accurate list of what size tires these chains fit. The Amazon list and the link Amazon provides are not complete, so if you don’t see your tire size listed, go to the Peerless tire chain website itself and search on QG3829 (which are the chains I’m reviewing here) for all the tires they should fit–they list more sizes than show in the chart on the Amazon chart.

Promise Review By B
  • Quik Grip wide base link chain
  • Light truck and SUV applications
  • Highway service
  • Durable
  • Tightner QG20074-10 required
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