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Truck Bed Rails

$51.71 $57.90
Truck Bed Rails
Truck Bed Rails
$51.71 $57.90

Traxion 5-100 Tailgate Ladder

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Truck Bed Rails, Once I FIXED everything, the ladder is a worthwhile investment of money ($42.53) and time (3+ hours to install, fix, and re-install).

I don’t see how it could be done drilling through a liner – my Dodge RAM 3500 has a sprayed-on bed liner so it was possible to properly position the mounting plate for flat support AND clearance underneath the tonneau cover. I still had to move it at least 3 times, covering up the mis-drilled holes with black RTV.

And what is not clear in the instructions is that to properly “use” the ladder, you have to have “peak” the Rocker Arms – which is NOT safe at all until the bolts are changed!. When you “peak” the hinge bars, they then clear the tailgate support cable.

A. Instructions say to “Uuse a #5 (9/64″) drill bit”. WRONG! The #5 drill bit (with .2055″ diameter) would work fine, but NOT the 9/64″ drill (which only has .1406″ diameter). The smaller drill “might” work with a single layer of sheet metal and the short screws, but NOT the longer screws!

B. The list of tools state using a 1/2″ or 13mm wrench. WRONG! The supplied bolts are 6mm Metric allen-head cap screws and nuts. These require a 10mm wrench and hex wrench.

CRITICAL FLAW. The holes in the Rocker Arms and Climbing Section appear to be sized per original spec – which I’m guessing was for a 5/16″ bolt (thus the 1/2″ wrench). The holes in the risers on the Mounting Plate and the Straight Tube and the Offset tube are sized for a 6mm bolt. So what you get is an EXTREMELY wobbly assembly if you use the provided fasteners.

THE FIX. I drilled everything out to 5/16″ diameter. Where bolts went, I used 5/16-18 x 1-1/2″ Grade 5 bolts and Nylok non-loosening nuts (4 bolts, 4 nuts). I also used 5/16″ SAE Flat Washers (4) to take up slack at the hinge points. I snugged the pivot bolts together enough to allow movement, but not free play. The two bolts connecting the climbing section were made tight.

For the removable pins, I used 5/16″ diameter x 2″ Overall Length Steel Locking Pins (2) instead of the much, much smaller 6mm ones from the Chinese kit.

Once these changes were made, the ladder pivoted very easily into position, was very stable going up or down, and was very secure once strapped to the tailgate.

The ladder design claims to be patented, I bet if you check the patent it calls for 5/16″ bolts. Good luck!

26-Sep-2017. Now that I’ve used the ladder for a while, I upgraded my rating from 3 stars to 5 stars. The last 2 stars I credit me with though. The ladder REALLY has made a difference in accessibility to the truck bed, especially since I’ve had both knees replaced.

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  • Quick and effortless to deploy
  • I could do it with a pinky
  • Worked rather well even on unlevel ground
  • Easy to install
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