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Truck Bag

$159.95 $199.95
Truck Bag
Truck Bag
$159.95 $199.95

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I just returned from my first use of the Truck Bag. On the outgoing trip of two days, it rained moderately to hard for both days. On the return trip, it rained light to moderate for part of one day. In all cases, the contents were completely DRY – not one drop of moisture inside the bag. The bag of a heavy-duty synthetic material looks like polyurethane, is well made. The seams are sewn and sealed. All corners where the rings are found are reinforced with canvas strapping tape. The opening is at one end and closes with a large, heavy-duty metal zipper. The zipper is somewhat difficult to open and close but works. With that said and a five-star rating, this bag may not be for everyone. The opening is large enough to accept anything the bag will hold BUT loading the bag is very challenging. The bag is not fixed in any way and things do not slide well across the inside of the bag. Additionally, the bag once full does not side well in the truck bed. I had two large storage tubs, a heavy flat cardboard box, some suitcases, and other small items. In the end, I had to start the item into the bag then crawl into the bag laying on my side and man-handle the items into place. Not everyone can or will want to do that. Since the bag provides no security from theft or pilfering, I decided it was best to unload and secure the contents each night and reload each morning. I like the bag and it was a godsend during my recent trip but you need to know the challenges and limitations.

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  • High quality,
  • waterproof construction
  • Fits any truck size,
  • Rolls up for easy storage when not in use so you still have access to your truck bed
  • Storage tote bag,
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