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Treadmill Nordictrack With iFit

Treadmill Nordictrack With iFit
Treadmill Nordictrack With iFit

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I’ve only had Treadmill Nordictrack With iFit for a short time so I may need to update, but WOW. It is smooth spacious, and IFit is addictive. The speakers are fantastically loud, the fan cools you perfectly, and there is plenty of rooms for water bottles, towels, phones and whatever else. It paired to my phone easily so I can play my own music but honestly I probably never will. Why? Because IFit is AMAZING.

With Ifit, you legitimately get a trainer walking you through a program. You select your class/program and away it goes. The treadmill automatically changes the speed and incline to match the terrain. It also automatically plays music for the class/program and it really goes well with the location. You can control the volume of the trainer speaking and music playing separately so you listen or jam, depending on your mood. And omg the HD display on the 10-inch screen is just gorgeous. I’ve been running through Portugal and now have it on my travel list.

My wife swore she would never use it when I was buying it and now even she is interested. It makes running on a treadmill as fun as it possibly can be.

My complaints are that it’s a bit cumbersome to find workouts on ifit. It needs a search option or categories. Next, I wish it tracked heart rate better. It just shows the rate. I’d like to set up zones and see how long I’ve been in each zone throughout my workout, kinda like orange theory. Also, its is a little slow to load up and slightly slow to load programs. Its not to the point that it’s annoying, but it could be a bit faster. Finally, you can’t really cross-train on it as it’s hard to see the ifit cross-training videos on the screen from the floor. Hopefully they come up with a way to pull up the video on a monitor, tab, or phone when you step off in a seamless manner.

Overall, I absolutely love it and think its priced perfectly. Maybe it will end up as another clothes hanger, but not anytime soon.

Promised Review KP
  • Get fit at home with the NordickTrack treadmills and it comes with iFit membership as well
  • Enhance the way you work out adjusting the exercise according to your body and demand
  • A big 10 inch touchscreen to control how you run and with how much effort
  • Cushioning and an AutoBreeze workout mode to provide a comfortable run
  • Best for homes as the embedded motor 3.75 CHP DurX Commercial Plus Motor reduces the noise
  • Best for walking, running and jogging indoor
  • The design is portable and easily foldable therefore you can store it anywhere you want without a mess
  • 3 percent to 12 percent Automatic Incline Matching technology, 12 MPH SMART speed adjustment with iFit; spacious 22 inches x 60 inches tread belt for tall runners