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Training Device For Muscles

Training Device For Muscles
Training Device For Muscles

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We have never tried a device like this before. My wife and I both used the stimulator on our abs and legs. The experience was very positive for my wife. Her muscles definitely got a work out, she was sore the next day. We used the units for 8 minutes on the 3rd power level setting. It felt like we were getting a workout sitting on the couch. I also got a nice work out but the gel pad pulled at me hair when I was removing the device. The gel packs are reusable, we have uned the device a few time each and are still on the first set of gel packs. You will need 6 AAA batteries to use the units.

Promised Review By Stimulating…Very Stimulating
  • You will need 6 x AAA batteries for all 3 stimulators (2 per device)
  • Batteries are not included. Remove film from each stimulator
  • Connect stimulator to appropriate pad, turn on and use
  • It was easy enough to assemble!
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