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Toy Grappling Hook Gun

Toy Grappling Hook Gun
Toy Grappling Hook Gun

Grappling Hook Folding Survival Claw Multifunctional Stainless Steel Hook for Outdoor Camping Hiking Tree Rock Mountain Climbing (4 Claws)

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Toy Grappling Hook Gun is very nice product. This hook may seem like a joke at first glance……..but it is far from a laughing matter. Hooks like these were first introduced to me nearly 2 decades ago, and the truly have a ton of uses.

This is one of the highest quality hooks I have seen! It’s stupid strong and bites down like a gator! I have used this hook for climbing trees and rocks, repelling from high places…….lots of things. …..but this hook shows its quality best when used for grabbing and balancing. Being 80 feet up in a tree on a free rope with a chainsaw is scary enough……but then you start to spin a bit and it gets damn nightmarish! Not with this guy.

Toss it out to a branch, tighten down and boom! No more spin. And hell, it even allows for more pressure when making the cut you went up to make in the first place! The only downside is that in order to retrieve a hook like this, you need to get to where the hook is. Worth it though. I’d trust it with my life……and I have.

Promised Review by Dan J.
  • Catch Firmly and Strong Bearing
  • Foldable and portable
  • Exquisite design