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Total Body Support Pillow

Total Body Support Pillow
Total Body Support Pillow

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The Busy routine in the day makes you tired and stressed but a deep Total Body Support Pillow and restful sleep at night make you fresh and The Busy routine in the day makes you tired and stressed but a deep and restful sleep at night makes you fresh and energetic for the day coming. For making your sleep more restful moonlight slumber offers you a total body support pillow to make you comfortable at night.

Parts and Design:

The Original comfort you is light weight portable, washable, and indispensable.

Cotton pillow case:

The pillow case is made of organic natural cotton that is hypoallergenic and odorless. Due to the natural cotton used in the pillow case, you are also free from the worry of dust mites.

 Premium stuffing

The pillow ease is stuffed with a premium materials know as fusion fiber. Fusion fiber is made of polyester polymer. Polyester polymer is extremely high heat resistant. Air easily flows through the premium material while awarding it from lumping or clumping because each strand of fiber is highly polished and then twisted or spiraled for providing you a very soft comfortable sleeping surface.


  1. It enhances your blood circulation for a deep rest for sleep.
  2. It regulates your body temperature.
  3. It straightens your hips, neck & Shoulders.
  4. It can be re positioned according to your own use i.e. watching TV, Reading & Studying, and Snuggling up for heart or comport.

Easy Clean Up

Comfort pillow is very easy to wash you can simply through the pillow into a standard washing machine and dryers. Repeated washing will have no effected on the comfort pillow due to the use of revolutionary material in the pillow. It will never clump. Hassle free body pillow provides you a long easting clean comfort.  

Best Choice:

It is best choice for expecting mothers during their pregnancy .They can preposition the comfort pillow according to their comfort and need. It is good for soothing aches and pain for athletes. If you have a surgery and want to recover soon, cotton pillow will help to maintain your right position.  It is a treat for seniors as well. Comfort cotton pillow allows you to make your movement haste free and make your life more luxurious.

  • Enhances your blood circulation
  • Regulates your body temperature
  • Straightens your hips, neck & Shoulders
  • Light weight portable, washable.