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Tools For Repairing Phones

Tools For Repairing Phones
Tools For Repairing Phones

Zacro 21 in 1 Opening Pry Tool Kit with Spudgers and Anti-Static Wrist Strap,Professional Repair Tool Kits for Mobile Phone

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Tools For Repairing Phones is very unique product. I’ve been doing a bit more “non-steel” work lately, and needed some plastic spudgers to pry fangible things apart. OK, I’ve only used these once so far — a blasted HP laptop that requires an Act of Congress to open — but the prying spudgers did the job. No complaints.

With that, I’m really not too sure how well they would hold up over time — like if I needed them for a real occupation. But I can’t see waiting for three years to post a review, so at present I’ll say they’ll do the job.

What I’m not crazy about is that they toss them all into a cheap plastic bag. Really, if I needed these on a daily basis, I’d want something that was in a roll-up, had slotted sleeves for each item, and so on. Here, I pour them out on the table to find what I need.

So in short, if you rarely need these, it’s worth it for $10. If you’re a “professional”, pay a bit more for a functional delivery system. Plus, when you open the pouch, all your tools being neat and orderly, you will look better in front of the customer. Or your spouse. That is just as important, trust me, unless you want the hairy eyeball.

Promised Review by Froehle
  • Zacro 21 in 1 Opening Pry Tool Kit is made of high quality materials
  • Easy to use and easy to operate
  • Good quality pry tool:
  • Cost-effective repair kit