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Toblerone Bar

Toblerone Bar
Toblerone Bar

Toblerone White Chocolate 100g Pack of 4

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Okay – I admit it I LOVE Toblerone Bar chocolate! So I was super frustrated when I couldn’t find white Toblerone locally. Lucky for me, I was able to buy it here on Amazon! I wasn’t disappointed. This chocolate was creamy and fresh, with pieces of chewy nougat studded throughout. I like chocolate best when it is cold, but despite hiding my Toblerone in the fridge, it was raided by others in the family, and didn’t last nearly as long as I had hoped :

Maybe a little pricey, but as an occassional treat, very well worth it. Every bite was heavenly.

The original plan was that the Toblerone wa going to be part of a birthday gift for me. But it has been totally consumed about 3 weeks before my birthday has arrived. Ooops! (maybe I’ll have to buy some more 😉 )

Thoroughly enjoyed by everyone and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this yummy, sophisticated, creamy treat to everyone.

Promise Review By Love2ShopTop Contributor: Coloring
  • Valentine’s Day Gift
  • The wife & Girlfriend loved them. Highly recommend.
  • The chocolate is incredible
  • The supplier did make good on the deal by refunding money
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