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Thumbs Up Moving Mouth Horse Mask

Thumbs Up Moving Mouth Horse Mask
Thumbs Up Moving Mouth Horse Mask

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I have a big head and the dog teeth came out when I tried putting the Thumbs Up Moving Mouth Horse Mask on for the first time. I re-hot glued them back in and had no problems. The pug’s “mouth” sits on your chin, right below your lip. I get really good movement when I talk. If you have a smaller head, it might not work as well. I’m 5’10” and wear a 7-5/8″ hat.
I got this and a pug face t-shirt for my company Halloween contest. The categories for prizes were funniest, scariest, and most original. I got votes in all categories and ended up winning the funniest. I wore it out to lunch and had fun with the windows rolled down barking at other cars.
My only complaint is that the tail of the mask could be a little longer. When I tuck it into my shirt, if I move around alot, it tends to come out. It can be a little hard to see out of, but it masks my face very well

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