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The Ultimate Beard Grooming Kit

The Ultimate Beard Grooming Kit
The Ultimate Beard Grooming Kit

Upgraded 7 in 1 Beard Growth Grooming Kit w/Beard Shampoo/Wash Softener+Unscented Beard Conditioner Oil+Beard Butter Balm+Brush+Comb+Mustache Scissor+Storage Bag Christmas Gag Boyfriend Gifts

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Easily the best bang for the buck beard kit is very nice product. I’ve gotten in a good while. I decided to try a new kit after one that I had purchased at a brick and mortar store was no longer available. I got this because it was one of the cheaper kits and I figured I’d start with the cheapest and work my way up until I found something I felt was suitable.

I can honestly say, my search stopped at my first order. Not only is this beautifully packaged in a nice, storable metal container (nicer than any other more expensive kit that I’ve purchased), they also included 3 extra gifts that were nowhere in the description or pictures! All of the key ingredients one would look for in a self-respecting beard kit (argan oil, flaxseed oil, etc) are present in at least one of the products. The comb is nice and gentle, though I’m not positive it’s real wood.

The brush is nice, I’m not positive it’s genuine board’s hair, but it sure feels like my other board’s hair brush. The sizes are relatively generous compared to most other brands I’ve purchased – the oil even comes in a glass bottle and the conditioner in a pump bottle. The only, only slight negative I have is that I would’ve liked a scent or at least the option to get things scented.

None of these products put off a bad scent, or much of a scent at all, but I’ve grown to enjoy the smokey/woodsy scent of most other oils. I didn’t knock a star off for this simply because they are clear that it is unscented and it’s easy to add a scent with some essential oils.

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  • Giftable
  • Scent
  • Beard Growth Grooming Kit
  • Balm+Brush+Comb+Mustache Scissor