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The Perfect Pushup Workout

The Perfect Pushup Workout
The Perfect Pushup Workout

Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup Elite

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The Perfect Pushup Workout is very nice product. If you workout at home and use bodyweight you need the Perfect Fitness Pushup Elite stands.

They allow you to vary your width, strengthen your hands and wrists and alleviate pain, while allowing for deeper pushups. The result is a better chest and tricep pump which translates into more strength and size

After making the switch to these pushup stands, I noticed the significant chest pump after my first set of 20 pushups.

After a month of using them I’ve noticed my chest’s increase in size and tone. Moving the grip closer works the triceps out more, while a neutral grip allows for the most strength as it uses your chest, shoulders and arms.

It’s good to vary your pushup routine to stimulate more of your muscles – changing pace, width, repetitions and depth are all good things to focus on.

The stands made by Perfect Fitness give you an extra couple of inches in height while doing pushups and added comfort as they can rotate 360 degrees.

The handles have a rubber padding which is comfortable on your hands and can support up to 400 pounds. This is perfect for me since I use a weight vest when doing pushups.

Promised Review By D. Miyao
  • Pushup stand Designed to rotate slightly
  • Ergonomic grips help distribute weight evenly
  • Built to last construction with smooth rotation
  • Weight Vest Ready
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