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The Interactive Barbie Hello Dreamhouse

The Interactive Barbie Hello Dreamhouse
The Interactive Barbie Hello Dreamhouse

KidKraft Charlotte Classic Wooden Dollhouse with EZ Kraft Assembly™, 14-Piece Accessory Set, for 12-Inch Dolls, Gift for Ages 3+

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My 4-year-old daughter and I ADORE this, The Interactive Barbie Hello Dreamhouse!

It was quite easy to assemble, I would say took no longer than an hour or hour and a half to put together.

Furniture that’s included is already assembled, one complaint is that two furniture pieces were crushed, and one was chipped a bit, but one phone call to KidKraft later, and those replacement pieces are on their way in the mail!

Another couple “complaints”, of sorts, is that the bed isn’t long enough for a 12” Barbie doll, as you can see in the pics, Ken’s feet are hanging off the bed and his head can’t lay on the pillow either. However, most of the time she uses the bed like a BUNK BED, and Ken fits just fine on the “TOP BUNK”! Lol Then there’s the bathtub, as you can see in the pics,

Barbie can’t fit in the tub either, however Chelsea and her friend fit beautifully. Wished they made Barbie and Ken like they did in “my day”, their legs bent at the knees! If her doll’s legs could bend their knees, I’m certain they would fit in both the bed and the bathtub.

The kitchen only comes with a sink/cabinet, but I was able to find a kitchen set that FITS PERFECTLY! As you can see in the pics, we’ve spread the kitchen out into 2 rooms, but they do all fit in just the kitchen room, but are unable to open all the doors when we did that. We decided to put the kitchen sink in the bathroom instead, and that worked out beautifully.

The nursery room isn’t tall enough for Barbie Mom/Dad to stand upright, but works great as a playroom for Chelsea and her friend.

Overall, we are VERY HAPPY with this almost all WOODEN dollhouse. Great price, great quality, compared to “Barbies Dream House”, which is all plastic and from reviews I read is always coming apart.

This dollhouse is sturdy, HUGE, beautiful rooms, lots of surprising details on all floors, porch ceilings and walls, inside and outside side walls, no decoration on the backside. Would dare to say this is heirloom quality and, if taken care of properly, could most definitely be passed on to the next generation.

It also comes with a safety device, to attach to a wall in your home, so it won’t tip over and fall on the child.

Thank you, Amazon and Kid Kraft, for a wonderful buying and playing experience!

Promised Review By Rebecca C

The KidKraft Charlotte Classic Wooden Dollhouse is a beautifully crafted toy that provides hours of imaginative play for children. Measuring over four feet tall and featuring three levels of play, this dollhouse is sure to become a favorite among your child’s toy collection. One of the standout features of the KidKraft Charlotte Dollhouse is its attention to detail. The exterior of the house is designed to look like a classic Victorian mansion, with intricate architectural details and a charming balcony. The interior of the house is just as detailed, with thirteen pieces of furniture and a working elevator that allows dolls to move between the different levels of the house.

In addition to the traditional dollhouse features, the KidKraft Charlotte also has some modern touches. There is a chandelier that lights up and a doorbell that makes a realistic ringing sound. These interactive elements add an extra level of realism and play value to the toy. The KidKraft Charlotte Dollhouse is made of durable wood and is built to last. It is also easy to assemble, with clear instructions included in the package. The house is recommended for children ages three and up, and it is sure to provide endless hours of imaginative play.

Overall, the KidKraft The Interactive Barbie Hello Dreamhouse is a high-quality toy that is sure to delight children and provide hours of entertainment. Its attention to detail and interactive features make it a standout option in the world of dollhouses.

  • Charlotte Dollhouse with EZ Kraft Assembly
  • This beautiful dollhouse offers lots of space
  • Designed with a Southern flair
  • A canopy bed with bedding
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