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The Claw Electronic Candy Toy Machine

The Claw Electronic Candy Toy Machine
The Claw Electronic Candy Toy Machine

JOYIN Mini Claw Machine Game Toy Candy Grabber & Prize Dispenser Vending Machine Toy Grabber Arcade Game with 10 Plush Characters and 8 Capsules

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The Claw Electronic Candy Toy Machine a cool toy for kids to play with. Operating the claw is probably meant for older kids 5+, but still a cool toys for 4 and below. The claw really doesnt have much range in the box, its very limited to what it can grab and how it can grab things.

The little plush toys and ball capsules are actually pretty nice. The plush toys are really cheap and falling apart and the balls are made fairly thick and wont crack so easily from a few drops.

The claw works best with lest items such as a few plush toys only or all the balls. The balls are actually perfect in size for the claw to grab them. Other similar size things like eggs could probably work but havent tried it yet.

Overall, its a toy that my daughter loves and takes with her around the house. it still works with her doing all that so it seems like its pretty durable. Its nice that you dont need batteries and it comes with a power cord and the 2 noise levels is really nice. its either off, low or very very very loud.

Promised Review by Zang Zong Cheng