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Tent For Dogs

Tent For Dogs
Tent For Dogs

Arkmiido Pet Teepee Dog & Cat Bed with Cushion- Luxery Dog Tents & Pet Houses with Cushion & Blackboard

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Tent For Dogs so adorable! I don’t like the look of most dog beds and crates and the like.

This one looks good and has a great function. It won’t keep any dogs contained like a crate, it works like a “den” for our puppy.

We noticed the likes to sleep under couches and beds, so we thought he’d enjoy it- and he does! Since he’s still a puppy he chews it once in a while, so we have to hide it from him until he settles.

He is 12 lbs. and there’s still plenty of room. He’s a Border Collie/Mini Poodle mix so he should only weigh 25 lbs. or so and he should still be able to fit. He won’t be able to stand or sit easily, but laying down will be fine.

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  • Secure and Private
  • It is also portable, suitable both for home and travel
  • It’s adorable,both you and your pet will love it
  • Breathable

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