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Temporary Tattoo Pen

Temporary Tattoo Pen
Temporary Tattoo Pen

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I doodle on myself instead of picking and scratching, so when I found a nontoxic (ish) version of permanent markers Temporary Tattoo Pen, I knew I had to try them.

These babies are smooth and odorless (maybe? My nose can be funny sometimes). The color lasts a long time and there was minimal smearing (unlike the go-to sharpie, which bless if you even think about sweating).

The pictures can attest: a clear, crisp illustration of Persephone on an inner thigh at around 9pm on a very hot and muggy Thursday. The next day, after sleep sweats, workout sweats and a shower.

It lasted another workout and shower, and house cleaning, until after a third workout this morning (the following Monday) when I scrubbed it off in the shower. It took a bit of elbow grease, but it did become unnoticeable.

I’d definitely buy these if you have strict no-tat rules somewhere in your life, sharpies give you a headache or if you nervously pick at yourself when you’re idle (or anything, really. If you want to draw a mustache on yourself and go around speaking like a fictional pirate, nothing except societal pressure is stopping you).

Promised Review By Kathulu the Devourer
  • Create tattoos that you want
  • Create for fun and remove it afterwards
  • Make everyday a new tattoo
  • A cosmetic quality tattoo marker
  • Control the thickness of lines
  • Comes with 8 different colors
  • A long lasting, high quality colors
  • Ingredients: PROPYL alcohol, water, ACRYLATES/ DIMETHYLAMINOETHYL, METHACRYLATE COPOLYMER, HYDROCHLORIC acid, TBHQ. May contain: blue 1 (C. I. 42090), Orange 4 (C. I. 15510), Red 28 (C. I. 45410)
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