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Teeth Cleaning Tools

$6.97 $16.99
Teeth Cleaning Tools
Teeth Cleaning Tools
$6.97 $16.99

Dental Tools, 6 Pack Teeth Cleaning Tools Stainless Steel Dental Scraper Tooth Pick Hygiene Set with Mouth Mirror, Tweezer Kit for Dentist, Family Oral Care, Dogs - With Leather Case

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Teeth Cleaning Tools look like great. I don’t have dental insurance currently. So if I want to clean my teeth by a dental hygienist and get looked at by a dentist it would cost me $250 ($150 for cleaning and $100 for dentist and X-rays). Fine. But my concern doesn’t stop there. To be honest, I had a lousy dental hygienist after another who rushed the cleaning process and even chipped my teeth while cleaning. It’s been a struggle to find a good hygienist for a very long time (i had an excellent hygienist but I couldn’t locate her since my dentist closed his office and retired).

I don’t remember how I came across these dental kit. But I am glad I did because this is exactly what I needed and I didn’t even know i needed it. Probably I did know because after my daily dental routine (brushing and rinsing tongue scraping and flossing),

I felt my teeth weren’t clean enough (it has been over a year since my last visit to dentist office). But I was always scared of those sharp tools and I never used them before. Regardless, I added it to cart and ordered it. And now I am the proud owner of these dental tools. And let me tell you- this is a small investment that has already paid me huge dividends. And I only used them twice.

At first this was a daunting process since I didn’t find enough info on DIY online on this. But I learned it soon enough and I am still learning as I use the tools. Let me tell you, it’s surprisingly easy. First, I sterilized the tools with rubbing alcohol and and grabbed the scaler and went to work. I glided my tongue over my teeth and started scraping off the buildups. In my case they are located mostly along the gum line. Sometimes you have to use elbow grease for hardened buildups which I can describe it as scraping the frost off the fridge. And these tools are strong and don’t bend which is nice.

I really enjoy the whole process. I do it after dinner while enjoying a movie on Amazon Prime. And after only two sessions, my teeth feel noticeably clean.

Promised Review By Hugh
  • Dental Mouth Mirror
  • Sickle Scaler
  • Stainless Steel Dental Tools
  • Hand-friendly Carved Handle
  • Thinner tips and better-carved handle
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