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Tea Bag Holder Box

Tea Bag Holder Box
Tea Bag Holder Box

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I researched a lot of Tea Bag Holder Box online and in person before settling on this one. I even made a trip to The Container Store with two sizes of tea bag packages to actually try in different types of organizers. Every organizer I came across would only fit the smaller-sized packages. Larger tea bag packages would either not fit or need to be bent and crammed into the organizer in order to fit. Someone posted a photo (thank you) of this tea carousel holding Taylors of Harrogate larger tea packages, which is a brand I drink. I purchased this item in hopes the photo was accurate. I am so happy to say this organizer can accommodate both regular-sized and larger-sized tea bags. The manufacturer allowed just the perfect amount of width in each compartment to allow both sizes to fit comfortably without needing to cram the bigger bags in. The tea bags in both sizes stand upright and the entire presentation just looks very neat and orderly. Also, someone mentioned that the bottom of the organizer can scratch surfaces. I actually have the carousel sitting on an old metal file cabinet at work and moved it around to see if it leaves scratch marks. It did not, so maybe that person received one that has an imperfection at the bottom. The carousel appears to sit on a round metal ring with nothing sticking out that would scratch a surface, so I would not hesitate to order based on that concern. I only wish the organizer came in a larger size (I have a lot of tea!) but overall, I am very pleased to have found this adorable tea carousel. I searched high and low and didn’t find anything similar.

Promised Review By BE Babe
  • A best way to organize all of your tea bags
  • 6 compartments each carry 10
  • The 60 tea bag is revolving and allows a great selection
  • Dimensions 6.75″ diameter and 7.75″ tall
  • Lightweight easy carry from place to place
  • Beautiful chrome finish gives a delicate look
  • A best gift for all
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